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2007年2月 4日 (日)


Six Feet Under: Complete Fifth Season (5pc) (Ws)

Six Feet Underのシーズン5のThe Rainbow of Her Reasonsから。好きなシーンです。


Marianne:What’s the matter Claire? Is it Kirsten, is she being a butt?

Claire:Oh no, it’s not that, it’s just these pantyhose.   pantyhose=パンティーストッキング

Marianne: Oh, do you have a run? 'Casue I have a little clear polish you can put on it… have a run=ストッキングが伝線する 

Claire:No, no, it’s not that! It’s just they’re like squeezing against my torso and I feel like I can’t even breathe. I mean none of this work would even seem that hard if I didn’t feel like I was sitting here in some kind of torture chamber all day. squeeze=締め付ける torso =胴体 torture chamber=拷問部屋

Marianne:Maybe you should try a different brand. Mine energize me.

Claire: No, it’s not the brand, I mean they’re all the same it’s…I mean.I don’t understand how having your legs sheathed in this smooth plastic Barbie leg like encased in a sausage casing would help you do your job better. I mean, doesn’t it seem sexist that it’s a regulation only for women? sheathed =覆われた encased in=~に入れられる sexist=性差別的な 

Marianne: Men have to wear ties.

Claire: Right but they don’t suffocate you…and it’s not on their penis. suffocate=息苦しくさせる

Marianne: I’m gonna go wash out some mugs.




I've moved on with my life moved on with my life=真剣に生きてきたCould it be actually♪I'm wearing these clothes?♪i've never been♪This fucking uncomfortable♪Never again♪To wear panty hose♪Cause you ♪Ride up my thighs thighs=太もも You tight on my assYou climb up my crotch crotch=股You ruin my day ruin=台無しにするAnd fill my soul you fill my soul with hateIt can't be right♪When they feel so tightWhoo!'Cause you, you you, oh, you...Ride up my thighs...

まずびっくりなのが、コメンタリーによるとこれはクレア役のLauren Ambroseが実際に歌っているらしいのです。歌上手すぎです。



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